1. The night before surgery, no food after 10:00 PM, water is OK.
  2. Our doors open and all surgical appointments are at 6:30 AM.
  3. Vaccine appointments are at 7:15 AM & 7:45 AM only.
  4. You will need to fill out paperwork at the time of check-in.
  5. Give yourself at least 30 minutes when dropping off your pet for the pre-examination.
  6. Everyone will be seen in the order of when paperwork is completed.
  7. Cats must be in a standard hard carrier.
  8. Dogs must be on a leash.

Note: We specialize in affordable Spays, Neuters, Vaccines, Dentals, Heartworm and Combo Testing. We are the only Spay and Neuter facility that provides same day in-house blood testing. We are not a full service facility.

  1. Keep your pet in a warm, dry, quiet place, away from other pets and small children for 48 hours.
  2. Your pet may or may not want to eat or drink the first night following.
  3. Offer a very small amount of food and water, and let your pet decide.
  4. Lack of appetite, vomiting and feeling sluggish is normal after surgery and anesthesia.
  5. If any of these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, please call for instructions.
  6. Discourage your pet from running, jumping, and rough play for at least 5 days.
  7. Check your pet’s incision daily. A little lump or redness is normal.
  8. If your pet’s incision has any bleeding, discharge, or gaping, please call us right away.
  9. Your pet’s sutures are dissolvable and the skin surface is closed with sterile tissue glue.
  10. There is no need to return to Niki’s Place to have sutures removed.
  11. Absolutely no swimming, baths, or playing in water or mud is allowed for 7 days.
  12. Some dogs and cats will have a cough following surgery this is normal and will pass on its own.
  13. This cough is due to the throat being irritated from having a tube placed to help them breathe.
  14. Never give your pet over the counter cough suppressants.
  15. Over the counter medications can cause serious health problems and even death.
  16. Hormones in mature male dogs and cats will remain in their system 2 – 3 weeks after surgery.
  17. Due to this behavior changes will be gradual.
  18. Female dogs spayed while in heat or pregnant may continue to have vaginal discharge.
  19. This means if your dog was in heat, she may continue to attract males for 2-3 weeks.
  20. Do not allow breeding, as this could tear internal sutures and cause serious internal bleeding.
  21. Owners will be responsible for any charges for additional surgery to repair any damages.
  22. Most pets are not bothered by their incision, a few want to lick or chew at the site.
  23. Do not allow your pet to lick or chew at their incision this can open the site.
  24. If you see your pet licking or chewing an Elizabethan (lampshade) collar is needed.
  25. Owners are responsible for any charges to repair damages caused by licking or chewing.
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